7 comments on “Memories

  1. I wonder how much we consciously remember – not a lot I guess & yet it all influences & makes us who we are. You certainly like exploring different approaches – this looks like a totally different person did it to the previous ones with the circles( which made me think of Delauney.)
    I think it’s very good to experiment anyway – good luck. Thank-you for your comments on my blog too.

    • Thank You too Sonya!

      You are right, what we consciuosly “remember” is but a small fraction of the memories stored in our brains. Those are the sort of “active memories”, the things we agree to be remembered as they do not conflict with our self-image or world-view.

      The brain’s defensive mechanisms automatically “archive” the not-so-happy or outright harmful memories making them very hard to remember.

      That is why I wrote in the end “some close and sharp, some vague and distant”.

      Speaking of the ways in which our unconscious brain influences our day-to-day actions and litreally defines who we are, some very recent research is presented in BBC Horizon’s “Out of Control”. If you have not seen it, I highly reccommend.


  2. Memories is one of my favorite paintings of all times. Thank you for painting it!! I’m sure there are a lot of people who would *LOVE* to buy your art if you were willing to sell. I respect the fact that you do not sell your art. I have a hard time selling mine, but getting more used to it now. It can make the world happier, I think.

    • Why, Thank You Gabriela! That is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received :)
      The situation is that I might soon be forced to either sell or gift at least some of my works because our apartment is litreally full of my paintings now and my wife is not all too happy about it :)
      It would be hard to choose which ones to let go of :)
      Heading over to check out your art.

      • I’m advocating for selling art (from the perspective of an artist)…One of the good things about getting your art out of your house’apartment is because it not only quits annoying your wife (or other family members in my case), but because it frees up “psychic” space.

        Whatever you have created up until now is just the beginning (I always tell myself that), because the depth of art and what has yet to be created is infinite, and us, artists, can tap into that and in doing so, make the world so much happier. Plus, you make a little bit money–at least for more art supplies (all personal experience here).

        OK, done speaking my mind! :-)

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