17 comments on “Study: dabbing and dry-brush

    • You are too kind Lindsay : ) I am but a mere student in art.

      Thank You so much for the encouragement though!
      It means a lot to me : )

  1. I really like this one, not bad at all for your first attempt…nicely done! I like your style as well, hope to see more. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my art.

    • Thank You for the encouragement Bradly, it means a lot to me.

      And thanks for stopping by too.
      Your work has inspired me much and I hope to get my clouds better next time, thanks to You.

      Oh, and say hi to Stella : )

    • Thank You for stopping by Maksim.

      Yes, indeed the angles are very incorrect because that was not what I was focusing at.
      Likewise, there are tons of technical mistakes in the rest of the composition.

      The purpose of the study was to test dabbing and dry-brush techniques, thats all.

      I do appreciate your input though.
      Many thanks! : )

    • Thank You so much for your kind words.

      In all honesty, the credit should go to Maxim Grunin, as this is his composition.
      To me this was just a study and the only thing I did was paint it with dabbing instead of palette knife as he did.

      I am however considering doing a larger proper painting using these techniques. : )

  2. Love it. I really like dry brushing. It is the best way to blend and blur lines.. wonderful colors :0))

    • Thank You Cassandra!
      Have to admit I was rather pleased myself too, though if I do it again there are many mistakes I’d like to correct!
      I checked out your blog and your art is AMAZING! Looking forward to see more and learn. : )

  3. I realize that your experimenting. Whoo Hoo on that!!!
    Ground, shadows, are often built on perspective. Maybe it would be more fun to jack with that concept more. Cause confusion in a realistic piece with unrealistic grounds. Who says art must follow all the rules. You go with your bad self and experiment away!

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