11 comments on “Study: moonlight

    • Thank You so much Linz! Your kind words encourage me a lot!

      I agree it did come out rather well… only the boat is gonna be washed away as soon as that monster wave hits the shore. lol

  1. Nice work for your first night scene, love the waves and clouds…nice! Was this taken from a photo you took?

    • Thank You Bradley!

      Though I can point a few things that could be better, for instance the highlights on some clouds are on the wrong side (lol) but overall yes I’m pretty satisfied : )

      No this was actually inspired by a painting of artist Ben Saber (www.bensaber.com).

  2. Sorry for asking a question you already had giving an answer too. lol Went and checked his work out…Hawaiian Beach In The Moonlight. I know what you mean on the clouds, sometimes I forget where the light is coming from as well. A few more of these and I think you will have it.

    • I’m glad You like it.

      This and the other study with “dabbing/drybrush” seem to be the favourites so far, so I’m considering doing both of these again on larger canvas this time.
      But.. but.. I got too many other things on my list to experiment with before I get to do those, so lets see! :)

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