10 comments on “Study: golden peak

  1. Hi,
    thanks for visiting… love this very much… its got a beautiful sence of spaciousness and mystery and a strong structure with that piece of golden mountain caught between large simple areas of luminious darkness.. my advic,e for what its worth, is to keep it simple, avoid technical tricks as far as possible and use strong bright colours sparingly… as you have here!
    Best wishes

  2. I’m not an artist, but from an amateur photographer’s perspective, it’s got it all. There’s definitely a focal point, and it’s bright. There’s contrast, yet you pick u some of the brightness of the mountain peak in the clouds. It almost has a golden fog radiating upward in the sky, sort of eerily, not like the rays of sunshine, but more from the mountain itself, as though the mountain was giving off light rather than reflecting it. I think it’s an amazing painting. BTW, thanks for visiting my site. Hope you’ll be back. I can’t paint, though!

    • Thank You so much Marsha for such encouraging feedback.

      After reading your comments now that I look at it again, I realize how right you are and why it was probably the hardest of all the studies I did :)
      Yes, that reflection in the sky was extremely difficult to capture with acrylics, but I’m glad it worked out.

      Actually you have made me think about a lot of things I did’nt pay much attention to before.
      Thank You so much again!

      • :) It’s amazing how much we can read into a picture, painting, poem as we study it. In fact I bring MY experiences to YOUR painting, and turni it into something MORE than what you might even have anticipated. That’s the wonderful thing about the arts. Lovely, lovely work. :)

  3. Very powerful image Javed. I love the way you’ve used the light in this one. Reminiscent of William Blake’s paintings. Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.

    • Wow! Thats quite an honour for me to be compared to William Blake.
      Thank You Mari!

      I look forward to see more of your remarkable works :)

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