10 comments on “Merry Tulips

  1. This is how the painting makes me feel: red lips of my lover jumping out to meet my cheeks after a drab day at work. In short, it’s refreshingly vivid! :D I’ve followed your blog!

    • Hello there Anonymous! Been hearing a lot about you in the news these days- lol ok just kidding.

      Wow! That has to be the most imaginative description of any of my paintings so far.
      Do you allow me the right to quote it? :D

      Thank You so much for your kind feedback and I look forward to it in future too.

      Meanwhile, checked out your blog, really interesting intro you got there :)
      Oh, and I remember humming streetlamps from my childhood too ;)

      • To cover the Expressed Written Permission clause of the copyright laws, yes, I grant you permission to quote my comment. LOL! :D

        I try to do my best to give sincere and heart-felt comments about how other people’s posts touch me. I think we owe it to each other to affirm and nurture the other’s talent, so rest assured that I’ll be back soon. :D

        And thanks for visiting my blog. That means a lot!

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