32 comments on “A Misty Path in South Estonia

  1. ooh I love this. the mistiness is great and that pop of yellow at the top really makes the image work for me. good technical work too with the reflection. keep it up!

    • Thank You so much for encouragement Violet.

      This one took me 3 evenings (afterwork hours) but I’m pretty satisfied with the results too, especially considering it was my first time with reflections and mist : )

  2. The colors are wonderful, but what catches my eye on this painting is your reflection of the trees on the water and the mist in the reeds…if it’s not done right you just have a mess on your hands and you pulled it off! It’s my favorite so far as well. Nicely done!

    • Thank You for such nice words Bradly!
      I was doing the reflection and mist both for the first time and it was quite a surprise for me too that I didn’t mess up – lol

      I’m very glad you like it : )

  3. South Estonia – looks lovely! I was wondering if you’d have a new one up – low and behold, here it is! Well done :) I think it’s great you’re experimenting with all these new elements! The reflection/mist can’t be easy – wow!

    • Thank You Kaitlyn! Yes, south Estonia is lovely without a doubt, fancy a visit next summer? : )
      I wouldn’t reccommend in winter as temperatures go to about -30 C.

      In this work, it was indeed my intention to try my hand at reflections and mist. Truth is the way I did the mist happened by a complete chance! – lol
      Until it “happened” I had no idea at all how I was gonna try it.

      • Brilliant! That’s the beauty of art – most of the time, the best work arises from mistakes. The more we risk and play with the art, the more ‘chance’ favors us. ***and -30C!!! Holy cow!!!!!!!!! That’s insane – I would surely freeze to death ;) (I’m a wimp w/the cold)! ha!

        • Hehe! And I thought I was the only one who uses ‘holy cow’ anymore :D
          Yes it sounds insane but actually not so bad if you’re dressed properly. And the landscape looks GORGEOUS with all the snow. We have lots of ice-sculpture competitions in winter so you find very interesting ice-art everywhere :)
          Then when it goes up to 0 C some day we are like, oh wow its so warm today – lol

          So, definitely summer :D

          • Will do :)
            Good that you mentioned “perspective”, reminded me that I wanna try my hand at some city-scapes now.
            Getting tired of doing landscapes all the time, love them though, the nature-lover that I am.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I have had a great time visiting your blog. Impression Medows and misty path in South Estoinia are my favourites. The yellow sky is brilliant and I love the bold colours and strong design.

    • Thank You mamacormier!

      I made this using a refenrce photograph and believ it or not the sky WAS actually yellow :D
      Thank You also for reminding me I’ve forgotten to mention this and credit the photographer.

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