16 comments on “Rock On the Hill

  1. wow! this is a beautiful painting! i love the colors and the contrast, even between the cloud and the rock. nice work. it looks like there is also another shadow beginning at the viewer and extending behind.

      • Javed, you just got yet another fan. Though my skills have nothing to do with painting and drawing, every painting of yours made me miss a beat. Awesome is the word for you. Also, check out my blog, esp. the most recent post (which you apparently have liked), because I have a doubt that I may have used your paintings as images there. I just did a random search on google images and got some paintings that fit the theme of my post. Pls tell me if they are yours. If that is so, I owe you a credit. And keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Oh my goodness! I thought this was a photo at first – especially the top half of the image! WOW!!!!!!! When are you doing all these? Holy cow! Gorgeous capturing of highlights, shadows and colors on the plains, rolling hills, and clouds. One of my favs so far :)

    • Oh Thank You so much Kaitlyn for such encouraging feedback (blush!).
      I’m just really a beginner but I’m so pleased you liked this one so much :) It makes all my effort worthwhile!
      You’re my energy-drink and my vitamins :D

      This took about 3 evenings, afterwork hours, about 3 hours per day, so something like 8 to 10 hours in total.

      Already started work on the next piece :)

    • Thank You Violet : )
      Tell you a secret, I was actually afraid if I put it up people are gonna laugh. :D
      I’m thrilled to find out I was wrong and all the feedback has been positive so far beyond all expectations.

      Really thankful for your support and encouragement!

    • Thank You Harriet!
      Actually I felt the same when I looked at it after it was finished, though I had no such intention when I was painting it :)
      Funny how often my art takes shape by its own.

    • Why, thank you So Much Lexa! Its so very nice of You. I’m greatly honoured! : )
      I hope to keep posting regularly, your kind gesture has motivated me a LOT!
      THANK YOU again!

  3. You’re getting very prolific it seems to me & this has got that instant impact -really luminous & the contrasts of shape & tone work well. I don’t have any problem with the perspective – I like the flatness of the fields & the element of pattern. Personally I have more of a problem with the rock – I’m trying to think why – maybe it’s to do with the handling being very different from other parts. It does on the other hand give the suggestion of possible interpretations – I can imagine a series where some “rocks” become almost a bit surreal.

    • Why, Thank You Sonya, what a pleasant surprise!
      Yes, I’ve noticed I tend to like, and therefore produce, contrasts of shape and tone.
      (Does it say something about my personality? hummm…) :D

      Interesting thoughts on the rock. This rock does have something that I can’t put my finger on and whatever it is it was’nt unplanned.
      The first time I looked at it after finishing, it seemed to me like glowing… as I also mentioned in my post.
      Perhaps the contrast of shape and tone also gave it a semi-surrealistic touch?

      Sureal stones?… hummm..

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