16 comments on “Liebster Award

    • Thanks Vanessa :D
      Now I just have to decide which 11 blogs to nominate, and thats a hard one as I know so many wonderful blogs that deserve to be supported.

  1. Yay for quitting smoking after 15 year, not drinking coffee and not watching TV! And it’s great you are working on making the world a better place. Good questions too, will be interesting to see people’s answers :) Thank you for keeping your blog interesting. Looking forward to new posts!

    • Oh thank you Lexa! I was worried people are gonna think I’m a weirdo or something :D
      Yes, just finalising the list of blogs to nominate AND will be putting up a new artwork soon :)

  2. Congratulation Javed well done keep painting and enjoy every second as It is a great privilege to be able to express yourself also in colours.

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