30 comments on “The Woods Are Lovely

  1. is this an acrylic ? Im all about trees & shadows ! So i have to say this is def. one of my favorite ones ! :)

    • Thank You for reminding me Vanessa, I had forgotten to write what medium the painting is in. Yes, this is acrylic on canvas, also updated the post.

  2. I love the way the light hits the trees, it really gives you sense of fall and their shadows cross the path is done so well. I also admire the way you painted the branches touch each other at the end of the path as if they are holding on to each other know that hard days are before them, with winter approaching. My new favorite!

  3. Reblogged this on SjSchafer and commented:
    This Landscape in acrylics was done by a talented young artist at Javed’s Art. His paintings are bright and colorful. I especially like this particular one because it is inspired by poetry. Check out his Blog for more great art.

  4. WOW – this is beautiful! How can you create such pieces in such short amounts of time – you must be working/painting non-stop. I love how you were inspired by the poem; always nice to know the background story behind a piece of art. The repetition and patter of the tree shadows creates a really nice ‘lead-in’ and flow into the painting. Very nice!

    • Thank You Kaitlyn, you made my day :)
      Actually, I have a full-time job developing games for PCs, iPhones, iPads and all other sorts of gadgets and devices :D
      I only find time to paint in evening hours and even that not every day.

      I have noticed something strange though. On weekends, if I have all days free, I get done almost nothing. I can hardly even decide what do I want to do.
      In contrast, on workdays, when I have hardly 2-3 hours max. to spend on my painting, I get done a painting in 2-3 evenings, sometimes even in a single evening. Counter-intutive, isn’t it? : )

      I guess when we have time we don’t fully appreciate the value of it.
      Or else, its just the way I got used to with because thats how I paint.

      I cannot imagine ever working on a painting for more than, say, a week.
      Sometimes, when an artist tells me he/she worked on a painting for 3 months, I just don’t get it.
      One reason could be that I use acrylics so I can work very fast, don’t have to wait hours and days for one layer to dry before proceeding to second.

      But it’s an interesting question you raised. It made me think a lot.
      Perhaps I do need to take it slower and concentrate more on smaller details? humm..

      • My work takes weeks to months to create but it is my method and the material used that tend to cause this time lag.
        I find in a pinch I can create a quality piece but I enjoy the process. The thinking and emotions must all be in tune for my story to translate.
        I’m a slacker hahaha

        • Indeed, I enjoy the process too but I figure I’m just too impatient to work on something for weeks, let alone months :D
          We all have our vices, heh!

    • Thank You so much Sonya.
      Really appreciate your feedback, it means a lot to me comming from someone as accompalished as yourself.

      I assume you’re still busy with the exhibition but looking forward to see some of your more recent works.

  5. I know this poem well and it is a topic of debate I truly enjoy. Your painting shows the optimistic side to the lovely words that lay within it. Thank you

    • Why, Thank You Amy!
      This poem was in one of my textbooks in 5th or 6th year at school and it impressed me so much even at that young age I remember it to this day, especially the “miles to go before I sleep” part :)

      Looking forward to see more of your work soon!

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