36 comments on “Elly On The Rock

  1. wow! a very nice tribute to Navitrolla. and thank you for introducing me to Navitrolla – fantastic stuff!

  2. Reblogged this on Gunslinger Poet and commented:
    Self taught Estonian artist, Tahir Javed, composes a tribute to distinguished Estonian painter, Navitrolla. In “Elly on the Rock,” which was made for Javed’s 2-year-old son, Javed continues his mystic and vibrant painting style, while adding the surrealism of Navitrolla.

  3. Wow – I see the resemblance to Navitrolla! Well done. Also, nice to know a new artist :) I dig his work! Your son will especially adore and cherish this as an adult – what a lovely and timeless gift.

    • Exactly! He has tons of cars and other toys so I thought why not make a painting for him which captures my emotiuons for him at “this” time and seals them. It would stay as a wonderful memory for both of us and he would perhaps appreciate the gesture when he’s grown up enough.
      The surprising part is, he took one look at it and instantly labelled the little elephant as “Elly” (from childrens program PoCoYo) and he already loves it.
      So actually he gave me the idea for the painting’s name :D

      Thanks for liking :)

    • Thanks Violet!
      I was just wondering today I keep calling you Violet though its not mentioned anywhere on your blog that your name is Violet :D

  4. I just love how you were able to create depth in this painting. The foreground, midground, and background are really pronounced, and the little red mouse on the rock just strikes out at me. I’m sure that your son would treasure this as a family heirloom.

    • Thank You so much for you kind words Passenger on Foot :)
      Actually if you look closely, the little red animal on the rock is an elephant, albeit the size of a mouse :D
      Unfortunately the quality of the photograph is not very good.

      I’m indeed rather pleased that I made this.

      • Oh! And since we’re on the topic of image quality, I think I’ll get my glasses changed because I’ve been making mistakes like this lately. Pardon me for the mistaken identity of the cute little elephant. The title makes more sense to me now! Oh my! It’s just so wonderful that you’ve corrected me since it brought a new level of appreciation to your art! Elly might be for elephant!

  5. It looks wonderful, so bright and “alive”. I just saw the elephant after I read one of your comments. The first time I glanced at it I thought it was some kind of butterfly! It is awesome

    • Thank You Aponor! Elly more clearly visible in the original painting.
      I was first going to do a rabbit then I thought heck, its supposed to be surreal anyway so why not a tiny elephant :D

  6. I’ve just taken a look around your blog, and what I’ve seen is excellent! I love your paintings and the inspiring, euphoric feeling they give when you look at them! :-)

    • Why, Thank You Daniel.
      Actually the same should be said of your own artworks. It was a feast for my eyes to look at them and you seem to be developing towards a very distinct style of your own.
      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  7. There is delightful art to be found here :) Thanks for the like (didn’t feel I deserved that one but appreciate it nevertheless :)

    • Thank You for your kind words Rosy!
      It brings me great joy and a sense of achievement to know that my art made someone feel delighted and happy, even if just for a moment.
      The way I see it, you deserved more than just a like. I love your honest, open and distinctly personal way of expressing yourself. It touches the reader right-away!

  8. I’ve been meaning to get to site and comment on this painting, I slowed down enough to do that finally. Let me start off by saying the love the way you painted the clouds here, it’s almost as if the earth is admitting plums of smoke the way you have them in lines and growing larger as they get higher…nice touch for this type painting. The tree yells surreal; simple technique, but when combined as a whole looks complex, nicely done. This is so different from your other stuff and so your range…if you have more of these I would love to see them, if you don’t, you need too..(big O grin), take care my friend.

    • Thank You Brad, you made my day :)
      This was the first time I painted a tree leaf-by-leaf and thank goodness it was a small canvas or else I’d still be doing the tree :D
      You’re right, the technique is extremely simple but the end-result gives the impression of great complexity.

      I made this piece in Navitrolla’s style though at the same time resisting the urge to copy him directly, so I can say it is inspired by his style. Doing this has taught me a few tricks that I intend to utilize in my future works.
      And I quite like the surreal look myself. Perhaps should really do more of them :)

  9. You seem to be going in leaps & bounds – how do you find the time? I can see the slightly surreal connection with the Estonian artist & the simplicity of approach. I prefer overall his landscape to his animals which are a bit too kitch for my taste. Actually I prefer your funny little red animal – you’ve managed to avoid sentimentality. Love the tree too. That’s lovely to make something like this for your son. A great antedote to all those stereotypes & clichés of images which small children are so often unquestionably presented with!

  10. This painting is so detailed and powerful that even when you divide it into halves (top and bottom, left and right) each image can stand alone. You’re a talented artist—thanks for sharing your work with us!

    If you end up watching “The Invisible War” film, I’d love to see you paint a piece inspired by the women’s stories :)

    • Humm… I never thought of it this way! Thank you Amanda for giving me a new way to look at it :)
      Haven’t seen yet but surely on the to-watch list!

  11. This is beautiful! Love the sky and the tree, oh the tree! Doubt if I have the patience to work on something like this. :)

    • Thank You Asma! I thought exactly the same in beginning but actually it didn’t take as much time as I thought it would :)
      The palms on my latest seascape took a lot more time than this tree.

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