46 comments on “Daddy and Rohan

  1. Love it Javed. Your son comment is great, it is the pure love in your world from your son, great! I have few forest scenes like that but none as good, well done. Off-course I also don’t have daddy and Rohan in them.. and you can tell they are missing..

    • Thank You so much Doron for your kindness!
      I have seen your forest scenes and they are brilliant. You bring out the beauty in an otherwise very ordinary scene.

  2. A week and well worth it – but still, not so long for such a nice painting. And what a brilliant present! Hand-made is always the way to go – from the heart and soul.

    • Thanks a lot Karunita, yes this is rather different from my previous works, for one I tried to use as few vibrant colours as possible, so the sky is all grey insted of bright blue.

  3. Lovely painting Javed! And thanks for liking my poem :) I’m still pretty new to WordPress (As in 1 day ^^) So all feedback is much appreciated <3

    • Thank You su much dansendevos!
      Your poem is lovely indeed and as you’re new I’d suggest to perhaps start with adding a small intro of yourself :)

      Its always interesting to know a bit about the artist behind the creations. :)

      • Thanks for your tip :)
        Truth to tell it has been in the back of my mind since creating this blog yesterday and it’s proving to be something of a challenge. I feel a bit awkward introducing myself :D
        I am working on it though!

  4. Beautiful painting, good job! I love how tall the tress are in the contrast to the human shapes. What a great gift to make and to receive!

  5. Love the aspens, and the color of the sky, you can almost feel the coolness of the air as you wonder down the path gazing at the tree tops and wondering what lies beyond for you and young Rohan. You have captured the moment that all us with children wish we could always have and never forget. There is a since of peace and eventuality to the piece that offer hope and joy. Job well done! This one is one of my favorites of yours, take care my friend.

    • Brad, you should be a writer! You were able to express exactly my thoughts and feelings and so eloquently as I could never have done. :)
      Thank You my friend!

  6. Your wife must have loved this, and what an heirloom for your son! It makes me homesick. There was a lot of birch where I grew up in the Canadian north – I can put my hands on them.

  7. Please forgive my second comment, but I still have a little strip of birch bark on which my eldest son wrote the words: I Love You. The words have faded with time, but I will always know what they say.

    • Thanks Anna! Indeed, she did :)
      And this is one of the few landscapes that was done without using any photo-reference, meaning purely from my imagination, so it is now one of my favourite works too.

  8. For me this is your best painting so far – perhaps because the colours are a bit more subtle for my taste. There’s an air of strangeness which is a bit surreal – I suppose it’s to do with the combination of the naive style (it’s almost a bit iconic somehow) along with the motif which leads you to invent stories. I’m sure your wife must be really happy with it. Best wishes for 2013.

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