32 comments on “Choices

    • Thank You Lynn, this was my first time experimenting with texture paste so I had some fun ;)
      Just visited your blog, your artworks are also awesome!

  1. Interesting topic and very true ! is like a balance between whats good and whats bad, our choices and our “should”…
    Love the painting Jav3d! is different and very interesting ! great job :)

  2. love the paintings. About the way mind works – very funny – I just started to realize myself that even if the rational conclusion of thinking process tells me (and a lot of other people) to do one thing, I still do whatever I feel like without realizing!

    • Thanks Lexa, yes exactly! I too had often felt that deep inside I know I mostly use my mind to convince myself to do what I wantd to do anyway! So who when and where decided what I wanted to do? Now I know the answer :)

      • Have you used the medium that makes a string effect, what the proper name is I don’t remember, Im going to try it on a clear acrylic skin and see if I can use it in the piece I’m working on this weekend.
        I often keep a canvas for experiments but I’m not jacking with that right now.

  3. Ah – texture paste is now on my ‘list’. The upper ‘orb’, for me, is what makes this …come to life. I am caught by the multiple textures, and they would be .. a pleasing design on their own … but it is that particular feature that brings this work to life, in my opinion. I would call it ‘the energy’, or the ‘active eye’. I think it is beautiful.

  4. That doesn’t surprise me at all – if we did otherwise we’d probably never even get out of bed in the morning. Mostly people don’t seem to take much time before making a judgement – which in a lot of situations is probably very sensible from a survival viewpoint & that’s maybe why it exists. Sometimes though it means we only respond to the superficial or else it can lead us to make mistakes as well.

    Sounds like an interesting program – did they give an evolutionary or biological explanation for why this is? There has to be a reason for why in general we trust our gut reaction so much. I suppose as well that there has been a lot of work going on on consciousness which is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Also in the West with our non -holistic culture we’ve probably gone a bit consciousness crazy – meaning we’ve tended to underestimate that other subconscious functioning of the brain. In reality we couldn’t manage without it & it’s certainly what you somehow tap into in order to create anything.

    • Yes it was a very interesting program. Here is a link to this episode on BBC’s website.
      It actually made a lot of sense and helped me understand many aspects of human behaviour.
      When combined with the science of Memetics and Richrad Brodie’s “Mind Viruses” one can see how we all may be getting programmed through audio-visual media to create and maintain beliefs that are entirely untrue.
      Saddam’s WMDs come to mind. ;)

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