21 comments on “Circles

    • Oh Thank You Kaitlyn :) It makes me really glad you like these abstract works so much :)

      I had some wooden boards lying around, about 3mm thick, so just used one of them. Only that.. now I’m wondering how it could be hanged on the wall?
      Can’t be framed I think… so… any ideas?

      • haha! That’s great. I love found object canvases…hanging is always another part of the creative process w/such things though. I often paint/create something and then think, “great, now how am I to frame or hang it?” – hahah!!! Good luck w/that!

  1. My like to your words :) To reach a perfect completion of a circle before the eternal procession, hmm it seems the toughest part :) when it applies to lives??

  2. The eternal return, cosmos, gestalt … when I look, I think of LP’s – records, but lives and histories so recorded, the music of time, of lives, of events. Personalities, distance, togetherness – what of the radius, the arcs, and the interplay? They pull and bind as much as they stretch and spin … I am mesmerized …

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