50 comments on “A View From Goa

  1. Your palms are amazing, can’t imagine the patience it took but the result is worth it, but I especially envy you the water. Very detailed but giving a lovely effortless feel. Well done.

  2. I believe those palms took you almost forever. They are great! I’ve drawn a few and I know how intence the detailing can be but the more effort the better the result, just as you’ve shown.

    • Thanks Amy, oh yes they did take a lot of patience, which I usually don’t have :D so I even surprised myself with this one ;)

      • Well….. no surprise here. You are very talented and seem to want to grow not only as an artist but as a whole person. It’s a rare combo my friend. Keep at it!

    • Thank You Olga, this is actually the first time I ever done palm trees and I’m very glad that everyone seems to like them :)

  3. I actually thought this was a photograph at first. I love the way you painted the palm trees and the sky. Keep up the good work :)

  4. it is so gorgeous…better than anything I could imagine doing! Since you asked for feedback, and not that I am qualified to give any (believe me,lol), there is something about the sky’s shading that seems off to me. Should the darker blue be on the horizon or not? I thought it might provide a better contrast….to set the ocean apart from the sky line a bit more. Just a thought…I could be totally off.

    I found you by way of Brian Filipowich’s (cherrybluesalt.wordpress) blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings!

    • Welcome Sheila and many thanks for your feedback!
      Depth is always created by using darker tones at the nearer edges and moving to a lighter gradiant towards horizon.
      This is also the case in real life, things that are closer have stronger tones and those that are farther appear to be hazzy and saturated.

      Having said that, all this depends on the specific scene, time of day and lighting.
      For instance, if there were very dark clouds in the sky towards horizon then this would not apply.

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