14 comments on “And the Name is…

  1. Good name, Jav. I also wrote a blog on naming abstract art, it´s always a difficult question. Love that you managed to get a mention in about Irag and the supposed WMD. A lie that cost the lives of so many……..a lie, and a sin. xxx

    • Thanks Judy! We, the human race, must learn from our mistakes and not repeate them, that is why its so important to not forget Iraq and the lies. These days, exactly similar lies are being circulated about Syria and Iran, shamelessly!

  2. Love the names everyone came up with and the name you selected for it, perfect! I will always refer to it as… “the painting formally known as nameless”…giggle. Enjoyed the post!

  3. I’m doing good, working on my May-Ling painting when I can; at the moment I’m not able to paint like I want but that should change at the first of the year. I’m ready to start on some landscape paintings, it’s killing me. Your paintings are coming along nicely Tahir, I’ve noticed your confidents and maturity with each piece; I look forward to seeing what you will be producing a year from now…the process is what is all about!

    • Good to know that Brad! May-Ling… humm… makes me curious! :)
      You’re so right, indeed its the process that I’m really enjoying.
      Many thanks for your continuous support and encouragement!

  4. Javed, great name, however a name is only a reference or to use for an identification purposes. It is clearly don’t tell the viewer what to think or what to see. Everyone can look and see what they want, especially that it is an abstract. Even I can ‘See through’ it….

  5. Actually – the name is perfect. I just finished an applied study in the philosophy of aesthetics. There is a distinction between ‘seeing in’ and ‘seeing through’. Apt choice.

  6. interesting

    “the art of painting new structures out of elements that have not been borrowed from the visual sphere, but had been created entirely by the artist…it is a pure art.”

    Orphism (art), Guillaume Appollinaire, 1912

    i use a similar approach with my pixels ;)

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