19 comments on “Sunset at Goa

  1. Love this one Bro <3 :) Amazingly awesome :) Made my day double pleasant .

    I am going to utter a contro…..In this painting, I like the sky N coconut trees the most but u could've added a little more perfection to that sky ;-) (told only to make u more perfect :P )

    • Thank you so much for so very nice and helpful comments!
      Indeed, could’ve done the sky better, I guess I lack the patience, have to work on it :)

  2. Javed, love those paintings of Goa. I like the sea with the little sailing boats which it is so truthful. I think the golden clouds give it a special time of the day, that everything seems to be so relaxing and peaceful. I always look back on other paintings you did before and I enjoy your special style.

    • Thank You so much Doron for your nice comment!
      One distinguishing feature about this painting is that it was done in a single session, without any break, so it can be called speed-painting!

      I was also pushing myself to see how much contrast I can create within a single scene, hence the sky. But in all honestly, I’m not too happy with the sky, it could’ve been a lot better had I done it over a few days.
      The sea, the golden reflections and the boats are the parts I’m satisfied with :)

    • Thanks Kaitlyn :) Yeps, all self-taught.

      This particular one was actually done in one single session, in about 2-3 hours.
      I now regret it a bit as I think I could’ve done it much better if I had the patience to spend more time on it.
      I’m especially not happy with the sky part but, well, you make mistakes and you learn. Thats the process.

  3. Yay! Another Goa painting! Your paintings really make me want to go there myself. I also love the range of colors you used and the pose of the palm trees.

  4. I like it! It’s very pretty and happy! The kind of painting Id want to hang somewhere in the office to bring me into a good mood on a grey day! LOve the little boats too :)

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