18 comments on “Autumn Reflections

  1. Once again, like the way you did your reflection, nice. Love the texture I see in this one as well. By the way I don’t believe I’ve told you this, but I love how you sign your name on your artwork, it looks really cool!

    • Thanks Brad! About the signature, this is about third or fourth variation… took me a while to get to this one and still was not sure whether it looks okay! So thanks for the vote :)

    • True Judy! Or else I start feeling like a robot or something. I think I’m feeling a strong need for change, though not sure what is the change that I desire!
      Sometimes I look at all my work and think it’s total crap and I’m no artist at all, just a cheap copier because most of them are done using photo-refernces! (Though not all.)

      So, I feel like I need to grow, I need to get better, I’m not satisfied with myself staying at this level. But I don’t know how, what etc. Hope I’m making any sense :D

  2. like this gentle style and the autumn colours…….. (I think everyone who paints gets ‘painters block’ every now and then….part of being a creative person!)……….

  3. That’s beautiful Javed, and I find when I get stuck and feeling down or frustrated about painting I muck around in that for a while and then I take a jump forward in some way and am off and running in a new exciting direction.

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    • Thank You so much for such nice compliment!
      I’m sorry I was away for a while but hopefully back now and on to creating some more striking landscapes :)

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