19 comments on “The Answer to Life, Universe and Everything!

  1. Dear Tahir, I’m am very pleased to see you posting again and that you are painting as well, I had a gut feeling you were struggling with something, I apologize for not acquiring, please forgive me; I must say I am surprised that it was your art that was given you thought. I’m also pleased that you were able to answer your own question and would agree with your conclusion. Real painter’s such as yourself do not paint things as they are, they paint things as they themselves feel them to be. Your paintings are not photocopies, but rather “your” emotions brushed into reality that you see, that’s why your paintings speak to us. Ever day I have a voice in my head that tells me that I can not paint, and I ignore it, and paint. No one can paint what you see with your eyes, so ignore the voices that are telling you that your not being original, because you are, your feelings are original and cannot be recreated. Take care my friend and paint!

    • Thank You dear friend, you are indeed right and I’m glad to have reached the same conclusion :)
      I’m painting again, though I’d probabloy not be painting with the same speed as before simply because… well, I have almost no space left for new paintings in my apartment, so have to let some of the older ones go :)

  2. Really like this post, Javed. Wondered where you’d been. I understand. My view is: Art is not a copier. Art is a view of the truth. Don’t stop unless you find something that makes you more happy? I like your blog.

    • Thank You Joanna. I don’t do things in life that I do not fully understand and I think struggling with this question was part of my self-education in art :)
      Glad you like my blog :)

  3. Hi Tahir!
    Happy to have you back ! I was wonder what’s happen to you without any posts during last months!
    Tough time you had but I’m so happy you find the answer😃
    I should tell you that even I never go to art classes and just start drwaing ,sketching with all my imagination of colours ! I had the same thinking as yours before about just copying photos but when you compair what you draw with photo you can find another feeling inside about what YOU draw!
    Be sure that your art is your imaginations and the colours that your heart is making and make others happy, surprise , impressed …. I think it is the biggest gift you have😃
    Looking forward to see your beautiful colours in your arts again❤

    • You are so right my friend!
      Sometimes in life, some questions need to be answered before one can move on.
      I missed You all but I’m also glad I went through this process, now I’m back with more clear vision and enthusiasm.
      Many thanks for your kind words!

  4. If you gave a group of people(artists) the same photo to ‘copy’ (with paint or whatever material) all the images would be different . Thats the beauty of art…I suppose it is a kind of personal interpretation ………..best wishes :)

  5. So glad you came to that final conclusion! :) I think the most important person to do art for is first and foremost yourself. Art shouldn’t be compared and shouldn’t be a competition of who interpreted what better – it is simply a means of enjoyment – if art gives us one thing, it should be happiness. If your art brings you this, then this alone, is enough. I look forward to your new piece.

    • You are absolutely right KP. If you stop enjoying your own art, whats the point of doing it?

      Hope you like the new piece, just put it up :)

  6. Javed my friend I am not going to repeat the great wisdom my friend wrote here above and you yourself found as well. We all get a time when we query our work our paintings our life etc. There is nothing wrong doing it, as you see we think for a while and we come back even stronger! We start fresh. We are all doing it and some time it is important to do some stock check, it is pleasure to see you back. I was going to give you another few days and check if you are alright and you just surfaced again. Welcome back and as you always do even with a stronger and a great painting. Don’t ever have doubt what you are doing, as long as you believe in it and you enjoy it. Keep persevere and enjoy your special talent and see it as a special giving privilege. Every great creator have to start somewhere and every 1000 miles walk start with the first step as they say in China. You are already long way a head and no doubt give great pleasure to many people around you, keep it. You are part of our family and remeber that next time when you feel in doubt that we are all here to help each other. Welcome Back and I look forward to enjoy your great work!

  7. Glad to see you back and glad you picked up your brush. Growing without questions would be like breathing without air. Looking forward to your splendid use of colors,

  8. It is always a choice, even for those who did go to art school: you can be a creator and use your imagination to create an original work or you can copy/ adjust what someone else has already done. I have always felt it is the artists responsibility to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. It is your vision, if you choose to find it, which is unique and original . Success comes when vision melds with skill – how you apply the paint to canvas or adjust the photograph. May success be yours!

  9. I personally think art school can kill an artist. Once someone gives you the rules of creativity, then they’ve chained up your soul and you can do nothing but create the same stuff that everyone else is. It’s like creating a song with the same 3 chords over and over and over again.

    Those deep moments of silence and inquiry are the best thing you can do! congrats:-)

    • Thanks Gabriela! I don’t actually know what they do or don’t do in art schools :D but yes, I 100% agree that anyone imposing rules on you is killing your creativity.
      Perhaps there is more value in learning from a mentor?
      Wish Monet or Pissaro or Renoir were alive :S Hell I’d even settle for Seurat! :)

      • The mentor exists, but is harder to grasp. The best possible mentor you can ever get is inside of you. Pissaro can’t tell you what this generation needs, or what you were personally born to create. He can’t tell you what your own voice is, or how to win your battles. He can only show you what he himself has done. And, like all humans, he is limited.
        Your personal “superpower” is just as good as his:-) I say this for myself as well, and for all other beings.

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