6 comments on “First Light

  1. Javed, look like rays from start war… beaming up to the sky, what a drama.. very powerful. I like the strong colours which work together as they are compliment each other.

  2. If I know exactly where I am going to put they rays I just block it out with white or gesso first. Sometimes I’ll just wait. Lovely work

  3. I love the middle ground … the whole feeling is achieved between your blues , purple and yellows and “earth” and right in the midst of the foreground . i may be wrong just looking from a photo than the real painting … I do know how hard it is to work with acrylics … have you tried watercolors or oils in such an attempt ? Working from nature directly in this realm ? Britton ! ?! ! … (you may give my private e-mail in private…. :) ) Thank you !

  4. I really like this. The color contrasts are just stunning. And the whole painting has a bit of an abstract feeling which I like. Great job! If it comes to acrylics, I’d suggest just waiting till the blue completely dries and than put the yellow on. If the yellow is too transparent, and you can see the blue “poking out”, just add a little gesso to the yellow- should solve the problem (helps me anyway). You can always layer the white gesso first, putting the yellow paint on top. Hope this helps. Have a good one! :-)

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