24 comments on “December Rain

  1. You say you’re self taught? I admire your patience and commitment. I love how you captured the feeling of the rain. I also really appreciate how it’s abstract in the background (love the yellow!) more realistic in the foreground. It shows a lot of depth and contemplation.

    What I would say in terms of comparison is that your other paintings are good–really good–but they express a different energy.

  2. This is really beautiful Tahir! Honestly my favorite one😃love the soft touch of colours that changed this painting so natural and real and I can feel those red berries wet but shining in this rain❤
    Beautiful work !

    • Thank You Doron! Yes, I don’t want to be branded and experiment more with different styles, so I’m please this came out rather well.

  3. In comparison to your other work, I think this one is calming. Much of what I have seen in your work is very vivid and uses bright colors which are exciting and energetic. Having a more limited palette allows me to focus on the mood of the rain and the sense of winter that the bare branches with just the berries evokes. Very nicely done ^_^

  4. Great job! I wasn’t even sure if it was a painting or a photograph at first. It reminds me of the short japanese poems that don’t rime and are very simple but really deep and beautiful!

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